Fellows Auctioneers

Key Services:
Photography, Film, Print, Digital 

The Challenge:
Fellows tasked us with developing contemporary creative to showcase and promote its Designer Collection. The challenge? To create eye-catching collateral that attracted new customers unsure of buying at auction, whilst still appealing to existing buyers familiar with the brand.


The Invention:
We wanted Fellows to stand out. With a clear focus on creating a differentiation between old-fashioned auction rooms and an exciting place that held a resemblance to the luxury that comes with leading fashion houses. Keeping the campaign seasonal, we utilised striking colours alongside playful and seasonal creative and set designs.

The Outcome:
Our tactical ads were created using stop-motion animation, that could be utilised across the brand’s social media platforms. Fun and interactive, each advert was created to engage with a broad audience, whilst keeping the luxury products the main focus. We also produced a printed lookbook filled with playful content to showcase and emphasise the stars of the collection.